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Appendix 1: Keywords and Definitions
Appendix 2: Physical Layout of Sherds Housed in the NRFRC


Argonne Colour-coated ware (ARG CC)

Single sample

General appearance

This sherd is orange (2.5YR 6/8) with matt brown-black (10YR 3/1) slip; the roughcasting is abraded but appears to have been composed of clay. It has a smooth fracture and is soft with powdery surfaces, most likely due to burial conditions. Bag-shaped beakers with cornice rims are the most common form.

Hand specimen

Our sample is in a fine fabric with common well-sorted silt-sized quartz and black iron-rich inclusions (<0.1mm) set in a sparsely micaceous (silver) clay. Other visible inclusions comprise sparse white grains (<0.3mm) and fewer large clay pellets (1.8mm). The fabric equates to Anderson’s (1980) ‘North Gaulish’ fabric 1.

Thin section

This is a micaceous clay containing common muscovite and less biotite mica. Well-sorted inclusions (<0.1mm) are abundant and comprise, in decreasing order to rare, angular quartz, opaques, feldspar and heavy minerals. Rare ferruginous pellets to 0.5mm are also present.


The source has been located in the Argonne, based not only on distribution but the presence of wasters at Vauquois/Les Allieux (Symonds 1990) and analysis of samples from Avocourt and Les Allieux by A Bocquet (Vilvorder 1999).


Museum of London


Colchester Museums; Musée des Antiquités Nationales, Saint-Germain-en-Laye (Chenet Collection) (France)


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Plate 33: Fresh sherd break of ARG CC (width of field 24 mm). Click to see a larger version

Plate 33: Fresh sherd break of ARG CC (width of field 24 mm)

Plate 33.1: Photomicrograph of ARG CC (XPL) (width of field 1.74 mm). Click to see a larger version

Plate 33.1: Photomicrograph of ARG CC (XPL) (width of field 1.74 mm)

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