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The National Roman Fabric Reference Collection: a Handbook

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Appendix 1: Keywords and Definitions
Appendix 2: Physical Layout of Sherds Housed in the NRFRC


Hadham (Burnished) Reduced ware 2 (HAD RE 2)

Four samples

General appearance

The fabric is grey (6/0–5/0), often brownish (eg 2.5Y 6/2) or red-brown (eg 2.5YR 6/4–5/4), sometimes with a paler core. Surfaces are burnished to a slightly lustrous, smooth, deep and even black. Vessels are primarily black-burnished ware forms. Our samples are hard and smooth with an irregular fracture.

Hand specimen

This fabric gives the impression of being slightly finer than the other two, since the sorting of the quartz is better and normally restricted to grains measuring <0.1mm.

Thin section

Like Reduced ware 1, this sample contains large opaques, some of which are quartz rich.


Essex County Council, Chelmsford

Plate 125: Fresh sherd break of HAD RE 2 (width of field 24 mm). Click to see a larger version

Plate 125: Fresh sherd break of HAD RE 2 (width of field 24 mm)