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The National Roman Fabric Reference Collection: a Handbook

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Appendix 1: Keywords and Definitions
Appendix 2: Physical Layout of Sherds Housed in the NRFRC


Holt White-slipped ware (HOL WS)

Single sample

General appearance

Our sample is essentially a harder, finer and redder version of the oxidised ware with a white slip applied, but in most cases the fabric is identical to that described above, apart from the added slip (K Hartley pers comm). Our sherd blends from a red (10R 5/8) inner wall to a mid-brown (5YR 7/6) outer one, with a pale cream (2.5Y 8/4) slip on the exterior surface. It is hard with a smooth fracture and a rough feel. Flagons, jugs and mortaria were produced in this fabric.

Hand specimen

Inclusions seen here are generally well sorted and although some measure to 0.5mm, most are <0.3mm: quartz is common, with orange-brown iron-rich grains sparse. The clay also contains sparse quantities of fine gold and silver mica.

Thin section

This group was considered equivalent to the Oxidised ware and therefore a sample was not thin sectioned.

Plate 173: Fresh sherd break of HOL WS (width of field 24 mm). Click to see a larger version

Plate 173: Fresh sherd break of HOL WS (width of field 24 mm)