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The National Roman Fabric Reference Collection: a Handbook

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Appendix 1: Keywords and Definitions
Appendix 2: Physical Layout of Sherds Housed in the NRFRC


North Gaulish (Amiens) White ware 5 (NOG WH 5)

Six samples

General appearance

This is a cream or off-white (5Y 8/1-8/2) fabric, sometimes with grey (6/0) or pale orange (7.5YR 8/6) margins or core. Surfaces vary from cream (2.5Y 8/2) to pale orange (10YR 8/4) or pale brown (5YR 7/3) unless ‘fumed’ to a darker colour. Sherds are generally hard with a smooth fracture. Although smoothed, the surfaces are slightly rough and powdery to the touch. Pentice beakers are the most well known form in Britain.

Hand specimen

The fabric is similar to North Gaulish Reduced ware, although our particular samples are finer, composed of a clean clay matrix containing well-sorted inclusions between 0.1–0.2mm, rarely to 0.5mm. Only quartz is common, with red-brown and orange iron-rich grains sparse. In contrast to the reduced ware, some fine silver mica can be seen in this fabric.

Thin section

This sample is identical to that described for North Gaulish Reduced ware, although the clay is anisotropic, allowing rare muscovite mica to be identified.


Our samples of oxidised wares, some of which come from Amiens itself, are similar in fabric to the reduced ones from north Gaul. Three potential kilns are known from antiquarian research at Amiens and it is not possible to verify the records. However, the pottery published from Amiens is too early in date to include pentice beakers (Dubois & Binet 1996, 343).


Museum of London


Museum of London


Dubois, S, & Binet, E, 1996 La céramique à Amiens (Somme) dans la deuxième moitié du 1er siècle après J.-C., d’après les fouilles du Palais des Sports, SFECAG. Actes du Congrès de Dijon, 332–52

Richardson, B, 1986 The waterfront group: coarsewares and non-samian finewares, in The Roman quay at St Magnus House, London. Excavations at New Fresh Wharf, Lower Thames Street, London 1974–1978 (L Miller, J Schofield & M Rhodes), London Middlesex Archaeol Soc Spec Pap 8, 106–38

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Plate 56: Fresh sherd break of NOG WH 5 (width of field 24 mm). Click to see a larger version

Plate 56: Fresh sherd break of NOG WH 5 (width of field 24 mm)

Plate 56.1: Photomicrograph of NOG WH 5 (XPL) (width of field 1.74 mm). Click to see a larger version

Plate 56.1: Photomicrograph of NOG WH 5 (XPL) (width of field 1.74 mm)

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